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ISBN : 9788184834970
Publication Date : 2014
Binding : Paperback
Price : 350.00
Pages : 300
Format : 1/8 Demy
Language : Marathi
  Book Name : Learning Marathi Through English
  Author : Dr Kalyan kale, Dr Anjali Soman
  Description :--    
"This book is specially designed as a course book for the non-Marathi speaking adult learners of Marathi language. This course has been tried out by the authors themselves. They have taught it in various Marathi-language teaching programmes to learners from different disciplines and occupations. All the lessons in it are situation oriented and it serves the purpose of providing cultural set-up of Marathi language. All of them are organized according to the gradation of the structural units given at the beginning of every lesson. These lessons are followed by grammatical notes. The grammatical notes, if followed in sequence will debit the structure of the pedagogical grammar of current Marathi. Every lesson is equipped with various drills and exercises for the practice and for guessing the purpose of the learners. At the end of every lesson a special conversational paragraph is added for giving the feel of free usage of Marathi. An important and unique feature of this book is the special script book added to it in the beginning. It contains eighteen chapters for script teaching. Here-in the letters are graphed according to the principle of shape similarity. The author have taken pains to demonstrate all the possible strokes, their sequences and the direction of writing them. The four appendixes given at the end are quite useful. The vocabulary and the solution of all the exercises especially will be useful learning aids for the self learners as well."
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समाजशास्त्र ललित अर्थशास्त्र वाणिज्य-व्यवस्थापनशास्त्र
इतिहास व्यक्तिमत्त्व विकास चरित्रे-आत्मचरित्रे पत्रकारिता-प्रसारमाध्यमे
राज्यशास्त्र कविता संग्रह भूगोल धार्मिक
मानसशास्त्र मराठी साहित्य पर्यावरण ग्रंथालय-माहितीशास्त्र
स्पर्धा परीक्षा बाल-कुमार वाङमय आपत्ती व्यवस्थापन संगीत
आरोग्य क्रमिक पुस्तके नाटकं आयुर्वेद
अनुवादित पुस्तके बेस्टसेलर्स विज्ञानविषयक ज्योतिष
कथा कोशवाङमय शिक्षणशास्त्र English Literature
कादंबरी स्त्रीविषयक शारीरिक शिक्षण व खेळ  
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